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Free Game of the Week will fire up your brain

The year 2022 moves on with a vengeance and with it the tradition of generosity of the Epic Games Store. In fact, the platform offers us a different game every week, totally free. So you can grab this week’s free game now. And this next independent game, released less than two years ago, will have everything to please you if you like racking your brains. So if you’re a fan of puzzles and exploration, this game is for you.

Explore the moon and its mysteries

Even though the holidays are over, the Epic Games Store keeps us happy all year long! Thus, any Epic Games account owner can linger on the platform for a few seconds per week to win back the free weekly game. A video game library that grows without paying a dime, that’s enough to make you smile. And after last week’s offering of Galactic Civilizations III, this week’s game is none other than Relicta.

The first game developed by the young independent studio Mighty Polygon, this first-person puzzler, which may have gone unnoticed by the majority when it was released in August 2020, has won over interested fans and received good ratings at launch: 14/ 20 for JVC, 74% on Metacritic and very positive reviews on Steam. Then discover a puzzle game that can almost resemble a detective game and delve into the heart of this dark sci-fi investigation.

So, Relicta is a physics-based puzzle game. In first-person perspective, you must combine magnetism and gravity to uncover the hidden mysteries of Base Chandra, the lunar station you are stranded on. But your daughter’s fate, and that of all humanity, is in your hands. You will be able to explore this isolated moon to collect the clues to try to understand the truth. With its intriguing puzzles, evolving mechanics and immersive setting, and thanks to a well-crafted narrative, Relicta seems like a good, well-designed puzzler that’s definitely worth trying.

Relicta is available here today through January 27 at 5 p.m.

Be careful, think of double identification

A quick reminder for those who may need it: you may have trouble restoring the game from the Epic Games Store. In this case, don’t worry: you just have to look at the duplicate identification page. Here is how to do it step by step:

Sign in to your account on the Epic Games Store website and go to settings. Click the Password & Security tab. Enable two-factor authentication.

As for the next free game from the Epic Games Store, you’ll have to wait until January 27, 5 p.m. to get it.


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