Fraud attempts for early corona vaccinations: will that soon be a criminal offense? | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Given the increasing efforts of those willing to vaccinate to obtain early vaccination without justification and sometimes with false information, calls for sanctions are loud.

“Thousands are caught, but there are no sanctions,” said the board of the German Patient Protection Foundation, Eugen Brysch, of the DPA. “Continuing with the vaccination is still not an administrative offense.”

After a media report, many vaccination centers are complaining about the aggressiveness of those who want to vaccinate and about increasing attempts to get an early vaccination. SWR’s television magazine “Report Mainz” reported several thousand cases.

The Hamburg vaccination center alone reported the last 2,000 pre-pushers in one week. To get a vaccination appointment early would be given wrong age or occupational information, “Rapport” reports. In Munich, up to 350 pegging people a week would be caught, in Saarbrücken up to 140. The editors had inquired at the vaccination centers in the capitals of the federal states, but not all of them recorded the numbers on vaccination front people.

The spokesman for Hamburg’s social authority, Martin Helfrich, told ARD magazine: “The mood is getting more aggressive. Some people are very clear that they are not qualified and try to get vaccinated anyway. “

“Report” research shows that vaccine fraudsters often pose as high priority contacts for people in need of care or pregnant women. Because a person in need of care can name two contact persons who will be vaccinated as a priority. In a case known to the editors of SWR, however, eight young and healthy people were able to get vaccinated as contact persons instead of two.

The conference of health ministers on Monday lifted the priority of vaccination for the preparation of the Johnson & Johnson group – similar to that of the manufacturer Astrazeneca. Both vaccines can very rarely cause serious side effects. For this reason, medical information and an individual risk assessment is required before a decision is made on either of the two vaccines for people up to 60 years of age. Both vaccines should only be used regularly in people 60 years of age and older, but the majority of Johnson & Johnson’s in Germany will likely only be delivered when the elderly are, for the most part, already vaccinated: according to Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU ) ten million doses at the end of July. In contrast to the active ingredient of Astrazeneca – and also the unlimited use of preparations from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna – one vaccination at Johnson & Johnson is sufficient.

Brysch said, in view of the pressure from many who would like to vaccinate, “Now vaccines are being released. This creates enormous pressure in the vaccination centers and among GPs. We hear about psychological and physical threatening gestures on the phone for patient protection. “

In total, the vaccination centers have now administered more than 35 million vaccine doses against Corona – just under 27.3 million for first vaccinations and over 7.8 million for second vaccinations (as of Monday). 32.8 percent of people have received at least one vaccination. So far 9.4 percent of the population has received full vaccination protection.

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