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Francis Ford Coppola blows up every Hollywood blockbuster

Francis Ford Coppola never concealed his anger at Hollywood methods. For him it takes something more than a seen and reviewed script and nice action sequences to make a good movie. The director seems to have lost faith in Hollywood cinema, which he feels lacks originality. Incidentally, he proves it by directly attacking the greatest successes of recent years.

Coppola attacks Marvel productions

This is part of the new fad on the directors side, it has become imperative to attack Marvel productions to encourage a film’s release. Quite a few filmmakers have been resisting these creations for some time, considering them “superfluous” and “unoriginal”.

And today we can officially add Francis Ford Coppola to the list of people who don’t have superhero movies in their hearts. In the past, the director of Apocalypse Now has expressed support for Martin Scorsese in taking on these types of films. But this time he decided to step up himself. During an interview with GQ, Francis Ford Coppola clearly chose to pay for Marvel Studios’ creations.

There used to be studio films. Today there are Marvel movies. And what is a Marvel movie? It’s a prototype that’s duplicated over and over again to look different over and over again.

With that observation, the director of the Godfather trilogy clearly seems to have an aversion to films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is a hit and doesn’t hesitate to tug on the sensitive chord with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

And by the way, a small tunnel for Dune and James Bond

But Coppola’s criticism doesn’t stop there. In fact, the filmmaker has decided to go much further by overwhelming all major Hollywood productions. With the films Dune and Dying Can Wait, for example, the director once again seems to point the finger at the lack of originality in American blockbusters.

You could take Denis Villeneuve’s Dune and Cary Fukunga’s Dune Can Wait, both of which are great directors, and I could find the same scenes in each film. For example the sequence where cars collide. These movies all have these types of scenes and it’s like they almost have to have them to justify their budget. And I’m only talking about good films and talented directors…

So we don’t really know where Coppola could have seen car stunts in the movie Dune, but we get the idea he’s trying to come up with. In conclusion, the director of the film Goodfellas explains that “the cinema industry has let him down”, which does not seem to bode well for his next film Megapolis. As you wait and see what’s to come, discover Tom Holland’s attack on Martin Scorsese following his remarks on the Marvel films.


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