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France restricts access to one of your favorite sites, Tukif launches a counterattack

While several French websites are targeted by the CSA for not taking adequate measures regarding minors’ access to their content, one of them, the Tukif website, has decided to launch a counter-attack.

A problem that is not a thing of the past

Porn is the most profitable and lucrative industry in the world, be it with its large-scale film production or streaming sites visited by millions of internet users every day. For several years, the largest pornographic sites have consistently been among the top 10 most visited sites each year. In 2021, for example, the French site Xvideos ranks 9th and Pornhub 11th. It’s better than Netflix, Twitch, TikTok or even Amazon.

However, ultra-consumable streaming porn is regularly distributed by companies of all kinds. Last October 4 actors were charged with rape following an investigation by French Bukkake. Yet another scourge has been alarming the authorities for several years: the access of minors to pornographic content. Main complaint: The websites do not implement enough security measures to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from accessing their content.

Tukif strikes back

For example, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) targeted five porn sites in mid-December and instructed these platforms to put in place effective age verification systems to prevent minors from easily accessing their content. If no action is taken within 15 days, the institution will block access to these adult sites for visitors.

In light of this, one of the websites concerned, the French website Tukif (like Xvideos, Xhamster, Xnxx and Pornhub) decided to counter-attack by joining the CSA. In a press release, the site considers the measure to be “disproportionate and discriminatory (…), sites with significantly more traffic such as YouPorn were not the subject of a measure by the CSA at that time”.

Indeed, one of the largest French pornographic websites is contemplating an unfair maneuver causing “a significant imbalance in the market and a distortion of competition to its detriment”.

Which solutions?

We know the problem is not new. While there are identity verification solutions, they do raise privacy issues. One of these solutions would be for the sites to use “third party verifiers”, companies that specialize in identity verification by scanning the ID, estimating the age of the user through a selfie, or analyzing the information posted on the social networks.

The estimated costs would be around 500 euros per year, said Grégory Dorcel, CEO of the Dorcel Group, interviewed by AFP in the spring. A credit card verification system is also a solution that several websites claim to be using.

Remember that the Criminal Code prohibits exposing minors to pornographic photos and videos. The law on domestic violence of 07/30/2020 stipulates that the companies concerned cannot free themselves from their responsibility by simply asking an Internet user whether they are of legal age.

What do you think by your side Aren’t these sites doing enough to combat this practice?


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