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France relaxes its strict corona restrictions | Free press

France’s strict corona rules are loosening. More shops are allowed to open, people can go out longer. But that’s not the end of the lockdown.

Paris (dpa) – Sigh of relief for shops and walkers: France has less strict corona restrictions as of today.

Shops that are not essential to life can also reopen their doors – but only under certain conditions. Eight square meters of sales space must be available for each customer. The economy has been calling for weeks to reopen all stores.

In the future, more time will be spent on sports and walking outdoors. Instead of the previous hour per day, three are now allowed, the radius is increased from 1 to 20 kilometers around the place of residence. Extracurricular activities can also take place outside. Masses can be held again with a maximum of 30 believers. Libraries and archives may also be reopened.

The relaxation of the rules follows just under a month with strict restrictions, many of which still apply. In France, the house may only be left for a valid reason in the future, for example to go to work or go shopping. You must have a certificate with you. As French President Emmanuel Macron said in his TV address, one should still refrain from meeting friends and family and all unnecessary exits. Prime Minister Jean Castex also warned it was too early to call the lockdown an end.

If the corona numbers continue to decline, the end of exit restrictions is nearing. Macron has promised to replace them with night clocks from mid-December. Cinemas, theaters and museums could then also reopen under certain conditions. According to health authorities, France has already survived the peak of new infections in the second corona wave. About 12,450 new infections were reported within 24 hours on Friday. At the beginning of November there were sometimes more than 60,000 cases. More than 51,900 people have died in the country of 67 million people since the outbreak of the pandemic.


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