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France introduces mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers | free press

French President Macron speaks of “for now the only way back to a normal life. All health workers in France must be vaccinated against Corona by mid-September.

Paris (dpa) – France is introducing mandatory coronavirus vaccination for health sector workers. President Emmanuel Macron has announced that workers in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as those who come into contact with patients at risk, have until mid-September to get vaccinated.

Then the mandatory vaccination should be checked and violations punished. Minister of Health Olivier Véran indicated on the LCI channel that unvaccinated health workers would then no longer be able to work and would no longer be paid. “We have to move towards vaccinating everyone because that is the only way back to normal life for now,” Macron said. The issue of compulsory vaccination also arises in the general population.

‘Must move towards vaccination for everyone’

So far, about 53 percent of people in France have been vaccinated against Corona at least once. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week had been falling in France for weeks. But it has been rising again since the end of June. Most recently, the value was around 35 nationally, in various departments it exceeded 50. According to official information, the delta variant of the coronavirus is responsible for almost 60 percent of all new infections.

To further stimulate the vaccination campaign, PCR tests will be uploaded from the autumn, unless they are prescribed. With the new school year, there will also be a vaccination campaign especially for students.

Tightening of the corona rules

Given the increasing number of cases, Macron also announced a tightening of the corona rules. From July 21, a negative corona test or proof of vaccination or recovery is mandatory in the cinema or theater. This applies as soon as more than 50 people come together. Evidence is currently only needed if there are more than 1000 people. From August, according to Macron, evidence will also be mandatory in long-distance trains, bars, restaurants, shopping centers and hospitals. For this, however, a corresponding law must first be passed.

Macron announced even stricter rules for the French overseas territories of La Réunion and Martinique. A health emergency will be declared in the areas on Tuesday and a curfew will be imposed.

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