Former Concentration Camp Secretary in Court – Complicity in Murder | free press


The National Socialists murdered tens of thousands in the Stutthof concentration camp. Since the end of the war, there have been a number of trials against members of the SS. Now a civilian employee has to go to court.

Itzehoe (dpa) – A former secretary in the German concentration camp Stutthof near Danzig has to answer to court. The Itzehoe court opened the main proceedings against the 96-year-old on Friday, a court spokeswoman said.

The suspects are charged with complicity in more than 11,000 murder cases. The trial begins on September 30. The proceedings are taking place in a juvenile court because the suspect was still a teenager aged 18 or 19 at the time of the offense.

“The accused is charged with aiding those responsible for the systematic murder of those who were imprisoned there between June 1943 and April 1945 in her position as typist and typist in the camp commander of the former Stutthof concentration camp,” the statement said. the court. in the city in Schleswig-Holstein.

The 3rd Grand Juvenile Chamber finds the defendant sufficiently suspicious of being complicit in 11,387 murder cases, seven of which are said to have remained attempted. The court spokeswoman pointed out that any defendant is considered innocent until a final conviction.

According to a report by the ARD “Tagesschau” last year, the woman had been heard several times as a witness. In 1954, she testified that all correspondence with the SS Economic Administration Main Office passed through her desk. Commander Paul Werner Hoppe dictated her daily letters and ordered radio messages. At the time, she said she knew nothing about the killing machines that killed tens of thousands of people in the immediate vicinity during her service.