Forget the pandemic: the whole world is in a frenzy over the shocking ending of “Dexter”


Forget the pandemic: the whole world is in a frenzy over the shocking ending of “Dexter”

The sequel ended this week. The series can be seen in Portugal on HBO. It broke records in the United States.

In early November, serial killer Dexter Morgan returned with the sequel “Dexter: New Blood”. The series, which airs in Portugal on HBO, has ten episodes. The final chapter premiered this Monday, January 10th. The final was shocking, broke audience records and has been criticized by many fans.

The idea of ​​reliving the story of “Dexter” was only possible thanks to the unloved finale of the eighth season of the original series, which aired in 2013. The protagonist mourns his sister Debra. You feel responsible for what happened to you. The blood analyst – who leads a secret life as a killer of assassins – leaves Miami. The final scene shows him working as a lumberjack in a remote Oregon location.

The overwhelming majority of fans did not like the sudden and open ending. During those years when the television production universe exploded, he went down in history as an example of what a series finale shouldn’t be.

The idea of ​​going through this conclusion and having a “Dexter” redemption came up in the summer of 2019. Showrunner and executive producer Clyde Phillips, who had left the series in its fourth season, received a call from the president of Showtime (the project manager) , Gary Levine. The suggestion was simple: plan Dexter’s return to television.

Clyde Phillips pondered the matter and came up with an idea to lead actor Michael C. Hall, who agreed to return to the character. From there, a team of writers was formed to write what would become Dexter: New Blood.

What’s the premise? During those years, Dexter did not kill. He leads a quiet life in a remote part of New York State. Works in a fishing and hunting goods store. Answers by the name of Jim Lindsay. Her son Harrison is no longer a child – he is now a teenager approaching adulthood.

Ten episodes later, “Dexter” came to an end. Perhaps too literal for many fans. At the end of “Dexter: New Blood” the protagonist is killed. By whom? For the son Harrison. Dexter’s death was the end Clyde Phillips wanted forever. But at that time he left the series to pursue other projects.

“The goal was to tell a complete story. It’s no secret that season eight was very unpopular and unsatisfactory for fans. We wanted the audience to feel like they had finished the story. I think I was trying to rehabilitate myself, not in a religious way, but I wanted to redeem the show for the fans and end it with something we are proud of rather than apologizing for “Weekly”.

Still, the showrunner stated that it was extremely difficult for him to develop this fate for the character. “I saw it again this morning and started crying again. It just destroys me. There is a lot of me there. It was very emotional. “

Opinions about the end are growing on social media. A lot of them are negative, from fans who didn’t want Dexter dead. On the IMDb portal, the episode has a rating of 4.5 on a scale of zero to ten. The remaining nine chapters are all above 8.5.

In the US, “Dexter: New Blood” broke records for Showtime. The last episode was seen by about three million people on television and another two million viewers on other services. It was the biggest season finale of the season since the fourth season of National Security in 2013.

For the past two months, the series has been watched by an average of eight million viewers a week. This makes it the most watched production in Showtime history. In addition, it was the reason for the biggest surge in subscriber numbers of all time.

Although nothing has been confirmed, Clyde Phillips assumed he would be available for a spin-off around Dexter’s son Harrison. “I’m available. I’ve been with Showtime forever. I’ve done the four seasons of ‘Dexter’ and the last three of ‘Nurse Jackie’. Showtime is a family. but at the moment this is not planned. “

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