For US trip: Merkel-critical demonstration in New York | free press


The chancellor also rejects a temporary suspension of vaccination patents. Critics accuse Germany of hindering the global vaccination campaign.

New York (AP) – Before Chancellor Angela Merkel’s trip to the US, several dozen activists demonstrated in New York against Germany’s brakes on the suspension of vaccination patents.

“We would say that it is not in the best interests of the American public for Angela Merkel and the German government to continue to oppose the delivery of vaccines, especially if the US government has changed its stance,” said Ben Levenson, deputy director. from the organization. organization “Justice is Global” on Wednesday. US President Joe Biden must make clear to Merkel during her visit to Washington on Wednesday that patent release is a priority.

Poorer countries, as well as the US, have long been campaigning for the suspension of patent protection for vaccines to accelerate the global vaccination campaign against the corona pandemic. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has so far clearly rejected this. Hundreds of people were expected at the demonstration, which started in front of the UN building in New York, according to organizers. One poster read: “Merkel’s hesitation could kill us all”. Also in other parts of the United States, there are still 15 events for the German consulates to take place.

On her likely last trip to Washington as Chancellor Angela Merkel will be received by US President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday. The visit should mark a new beginning in German-American relations after a low point in the era of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump. Merkel is the first European head of government to welcome Biden to the White House since taking office on January 20.