For this renowned Harvard astrophysicist, extraterrestrial life was discovered in 2017

Avi Loeb is a renowned astrophysicist and director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University. In an essay published Jan. 28, the man presented a very controversial thesis to say the least. According to him, we were able to discover an alien life form in 2017.

Oumuamua would be an alien probe

In any case, this is what Avi Loeb claims in his book entitled The First Sign of an Intelligent Alien Life. He returns to the discovery of Oumuamua, a strange cigar-shaped object that crossed our solar system in 2017. It is the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii that locates this 400-meter-long car at a width of 40 meters, which it crashes full throttle on.

If at the time the European Space Agency scientists believed that the object in question was nothing more than a comet ejected from another star system, that theory does not apply to the astrophysicist de Havard. Because of its speed, yes. He explains that due to its excessive acceleration and the absence of traces of gas or dust, or its shape, it is impossible for it to be a comet.

So he decided to study and study the origin of this first object with another researcher, and their conclusion will be controversial when it is published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. For the two scientists there is no doubt: Oumuamua is nothing more than a probe powered by an alien civilization. Despite criticism of this theory, which argues that there is not enough evidence to support this, Avi Loeb persists and subscribes to his book.

The astrophysicist would therefore like to convince the general public by presenting this first discovered object from another star system. He acknowledges that due to the lack of concrete evidence, the debate continues, but if we can determine the origin of Oumuamua and its origin, “it will be clear that it was and remains an anomaly in itself”.

He also deplores the conservatism of his colleagues who “want to minimize the number of mistakes they could make during their careers”.

In any case, Avi Loeb is convinced: We are not alone in the universe.

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