Whether in Paris / New York, Paris / Sydney or even in Toulouse / Lille, the safety instructions are always repeated before the start. You often do other things and don’t listen, but these guidelines could save your life.

Wear the mask correctly

If you have already taken a plane, you need to understand the various procedures before the plane takes off. Including the traditional safety instructions imitated by hostesses and stewards. We will show you that in the event that the aircraft is depressurized, there is an oxygen mask in front of you and that it is necessary to press it against your face and tighten the elastic band in order to breathe normally. As with the surgical mask that has been used since last March, the oxygen mask must be positioned on the mouth, but also on the nose. An action that is well shown by the hostesses and stewards during the instructions, but with few people listening, it is panic when a pressure relief really takes place.

PEOPLE: Listen to your flight attendants! ALMOST EVERYONE in this photo from @SouthwestAir # SWA1380 is wearing their mask WRONG today. Hang up the phone, stop taking selfies … and listen. ** Cover your nose and mouth. #crewlife #psa #listen #travel #news # wn1380 pic.twitter.com/4b14lZulGm

17th April 2018

The perfect example is a flight operated by the American company Southwest Airlines, which took place in April 2018. In the sky, the aircraft suffered a serious engine failure and engine fragments pierced the fuselage of the aircraft, which blew a window and therefore depressurized the cabin. One passenger died, but in addition to that death, the way the passengers reacted was worrying. As can be seen in the photo on the tweet above, none of the visible passengers are wearing their masks properly. A real danger when the cabin is pressurized.

As you can imagine, breathing is very difficult at 15,000 feet. If you do not take oxygen properly, you will not have enough oxygen in your blood and you risk hypoxia. This can lead to loss of consciousness, nausea, headache, mental confusion, or worse, suffocation. Pressure at this level pushes oxygen through the lung tissue into the bloodstream. The mask is therefore there to provide you with a 100% flow of oxygen in order to avoid complications. Of course, it will only be effective if you wear it correctly. Knowing how to properly wear your mask can save your life and even that of those around you. If the mask falls off, put it on your face as soon as possible.

The mask can provide you with oxygen for 15 minutes

#DidYouKnown emergency oxygen masks on an # airplane contain only 15 minutes of oxygen # avgeek #plane #fact pic.twitter.com/aUDZ8PkUAK

January 26, 2016

You should know that if the pressure is relieved, the pilot must descend to an altitude of 3000 meters, where the air will be adequately oxygenated. This maneuver can be performed in 10 minutes. For this reason, the masks only contain oxygen for 15 minutes.

You now know why it is important to read the safety information carefully before starting.