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For Thirteen Reasons star turns out to be a transsexual woman

For Thirteen Reasons star reveals she is a transgender woman

Tommy Dorfman admits not getting out early for fear of losing his Hollywood career.

The pronouns have changed, but the name has not.

Tommy Dorfman, one of the main stars of For Thirteen Reasons, posted a photo on his Instagram today showing how excited and proud he is to finally come out publicly as a transgender woman.

“I am especially grateful for all of the transgender people who took this journey, tore down barriers and risked their lives to live their lives authentically before me. Thanks to all of the transgender women who showed me who I am, who taught me to live and celebrate who I am. ”The actress also reveals that her pronouns are now“ she ”and“ she ”. The name does not change because “Tommy” pays homage to his uncle who died a few weeks before he was born: “It’s an evolution. I’m becoming more Tommy. “

The publication was accompanied by photos of Tommy in dress, high heels and make-up, which he took as an opportunity to thank the entire team behind this look, his first as a transgender woman.

The actress was also in conversation with “Time”, where she gave more information about this change: “For a year now I have identified myself as a woman – as a trans woman,” she explains. She also reveals that she underwent sex change surgery that year.

According to Dorfman, his career was one of the reasons he didn’t start the transition earlier: “It’s impossible to separate my transition from work because my face and body are connected to my career. I was afraid that by transitioning I might lose the entire career I was told I could have. But I’m no longer interested in playing male characters. “

Tommy’s next role will be a female character in a new Lena Dunham film. Details of this project, which was secretly filmed during the pandemic, are not yet known.


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