For the first time, the streaming giant is losing ground to a serious competitor

Netflix has been a leader in the streaming world for several years. But with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney +, the Los Gatos platform is having to give up some of its flower beds. And as the months progressed, a competitor stood out from the crowd.

netflix has to make room for the new ones

The containment has allowed streaming platforms to increase the number of their subscribers. An exceptional situation thanks to which the giants of SVOD were able to set new growth records. While Netflix continues to be the clear market leader, a competitor is scraping stocks and gaining more and more attention. By analyzing the viewing habits of their 2 million users, the Reelgood service, which brings all of the streaming platforms together in one place, found that Netflix was losing ground to one of its competitors.

While Reelgood users oriented 32% towards Netflix in the second quarter of 2020, this number drops to 25% in the third quarter. Two platforms are taking the opportunity to catch up: HBO Max, which then goes up from 3 to 9%, and in particular Prime Video, which is still going up a little, from 20 to 21%. While Netflix continues to dominate other streaming platforms, it’s nice to see the competition manage to snag some stocks here and there.

Behind this meteoric rise of HBO Max are the arrival of several particularly popular films and series. Between July and September, subscribers to their platform were able to discover films such as Joker, Birds of Prey and the fantastic story of Harley Quinn and the Matrix, as well as series such as Game of Thrones, Raised by Wolves or Rick and Morty. Note that the Justice League Snyder Cut will also be released on HBO Max in 2021.

On the Amazon Prime Video page, this slight increase in interest can be explained in particular by the release of the second season of the series The Boys. A series of events that wowed both critics and Amazon Prime subscribers and was sometimes disappointed with the new method of distribution. Additionally, Amazon decided to use the same strategy as Netflix, which is to sign exclusivity with talent. Directors like Neil Gaiman (American Gods) and screenwriters like Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar, Le Prestige, Memento) have already gone over to the American giant.

By continuing to secure big names and increase the number of exclusive products, Netflix’s competitors, whether Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or even Disney +, will succeed in attracting audiences in search of ‘quality content. Even if Netflix remains the undisputed market leader, other platforms continue to offer an interesting selection that is sometimes reserved for American internet users. As soon as the offers are available worldwide, the number of subscribers on these platforms could explode.

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