For the director, the film is a very big risk for Marvel and Disney

Eternals is still a very mysterious film in its communication at the moment. The film, which is supposed to introduce new characters and threats for Phase 4, is stingy with information. Little has leaked on the property so far. But rest assured, it won’t look like any other superhero movie, according to director Chloé Zhao, who has long voiced her feelings about it.

Eternals: a risky film

In an interview on the American web radio station Sirius XM, director Chloe Zhao spoke in detail about the decisions relating to the film. Especially due to the fact that Marvel took very big risks by trusting him in the production of the next feature film in phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

I think they took a huge risk with this one. I think they will surprise you. Marvel really took the risk of accepting that we would shoot outdoors because filming with a wide angle lens outdoors affects the way you create visual effects. This affects the way you perform the action. There are many things that will look different. We shot mostly in natural settings, but I enjoy being in the studio and learning technology because I grew up with manga. I always imagined that I wanted to be a manga artist. For me, I always imagined things that didn’t exist.

A radical change for Marvel that certainly doesn’t look impressive at first, but it does allow actors to shoot outdoors. A small revolution for the studio known for taking its digital recordings in a studio surrounded by four green backgrounds.

Shot entirely outdoors

Originally scheduled for February, The Eternals will be released on November 3, 2021 in France and a few days later in the US. The advertising campaign has also accelerated after several errors related to Marvel partners as it adhered to the movie’s original release schedule for distribution of goodies and accessories.

The plot revolves around a new team of Supers, the Eternals, who are slated to emerge from the shadows after former aliens awaken after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The cast mainly consists of Angelina Jolie in Théna, Kit Harrington in Black Knight and Richard Madden in Ikaris. Here you can find a first glimpse of their costumes.

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