For surprising reasons, Amazon is changing the new app icon


Changes to the logos and graphic identity are common in the life of a brand. Mobile applications are no exception to the rule. So in January last year, Amazon changed the icon of its app, not without a certain pride. What she didn’t suspect was that the smart kids would take the opportunity to make particularly detrimental distractions for the online trading platform.

A bet that focuses on originality

Nothing could go wrong a priori. Amazon had decided to ditch its very classic black logo on a white background and go for a more original icon. The cheerful little cardboard box, adorned with a blue adhesive tape, inspired by the company’s shipping packaging and the characteristic packaging tape, at least had the merit of showing a little creativity.

One of Amazon’s spokesmen justified this choice with a desire to get people to click the icon more:

“Amazon is constantly looking for new ways to inspire our customers. We designed the new icon to create anticipation, excitement and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they do. You can see our boxes on your doorstep. “”

Without counting on the shape of the scotch, the final appearance of the icon was improved.

A new cardboard logo

Some internet users were amused at the resemblance between the duct tape and Hitler’s signature toothbrush mustache. Some therefore did not fail to make the link between the icon and a minimalist version of the dictator, especially fortunate.

In light of these redirects, Amazon hurried to implement an update to change the problematic form.

A mustache shave that is one of a kind

If this event seems funny, it is not isolated. For example, we think of the censorship of a supporting character who wears that mustache in episode 4 of the 23rd season of Pokémon.

And you ? Do you think the change in the symbol is justified?