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For Sean Penn, it’s the “genes of cowardice” that make men “ditch jeans for skirts”

For Sean Penn, it’s the “genes of cowardice” that make men “ditch jeans for skirts”

The 61-year-old actor shocked everyone and everything in a recent interview with his curious statements.

“I think men have become too feminine from my point of view,” begins the 61-year-old. “There are many genes of cowardice that make people switch from jeans to skirts.”

The controversial statement was made alongside her daughter in an interview for a profile of The Independent published on Thursday 27 January. There was talk of his diverse roles, of playing so many tough men and gay politicians, but most of all of his “old school masculinity”.

“I’m part of the club that believes men are becoming incredibly feminine in American culture. I don’t think it’s fair to women that we’re going to be like this.”

The actor didn’t back down and kept his tone. “Men have become too feminine. I have all these strong women in my life who don’t see masculinity as a sign of oppression,” he clarified before revealing his theory of the “genes of cowardice.” Dylan Penn, 30, is said to have “stared silently into space” next to her.

Penn has a tumultuous past that has come with multiple domestic abuse allegations, most notably from Madonna, who was married to the actor between 1984 and 1989.


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