For Josh Brolin, one of the characters was nicer to play


Josh Brolin has played Thanos the Mad Titan in the last two Avengers, but also has played Cable alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. During an interview, the actor returned to both filming and if the we believe his testimony, it appears he is would have preferred to play one of the two characters. Which ? We tell you everything!

In fact, Josh Brolin spoke about his two roles in the Marvel Universe during an interview for the Team Deakins podcast. Two completely different experiences depending on the actor.

Thank you? Electric wire? Brolin has a preference between the two roles!

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He explains that to play Thanos in Avengers, he was inspired by Brando in the film Apocalypse Now. He considers this character to be “elusive and insane”. When he turned to this movie for inspiration, it was because he found a parallel between the two roles he liked.

Regarding Deadpool 2, in which he plays Cable, he appears to regret not having had enough freedom to bring the character to life. Josh Brolin says “it was harder”. Unlike Avengers, the actor just had to do what the production told him to do. Probably because of the film’s commercial reasons. Although the experience on Deadpool was “fun,” the actor didn’t have much more fun playing the Mad Titan.

Even if he got a nice fee for playing Thanos in the MCU, Brolin states that it wasn’t the money that motivated him to take on the role. No, what motivated him to play Thanos is “the fact that all the Avengers team up with this guy” and come to the conclusion that “this is the aspect I loved”.

And you, do you prefer Josh Brolin as Thanos or as Cable?