For Christmas, the chicken giant offers a block of wood with a rather surprising smell


KFC is known for its roast chicken, its special colonel, its 11 herbs and 2 spices, but also for its fun marketing ideas. After pleasing players with a game of seduction that involved seducing Colonel Sanders as well as a restaurant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the American giant returns to the indictment for the Christmas holiday with a log of wood that smells … Roast Chicken.

some special protocols

You don’t dream, you don’t have to rub your eyes, KFC is marketing a log of wood that smells like fried chicken during the Christmas holidays. In cooperation with the Enviro-Log company, KFC has offered a block of wood for sale that gives off the smell of roasted chicken when lit. A tree trunk with 11 herbs and 2 spices, like the brand’s legendary roast chicken, that will smell your living room slightly. These protocols are fully biodegradable and are already for sale.

If you want to acquire them, you have to go in the direction of the location of Walmart, the American mass distribution giant. Here you will find logs that will perfume your interior. Meet by the fire, why not, but by the fire with 11 herbs and 2 spices, with great joy. Logs sold at a price of € 13.5 / piece, to be discovered now for those interested.