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For Action in Georgia: Trump Raises Pressure on Governor | Free press

Washington (AP) – Immediately before his appearance in the US state of Georgia, incumbent US President Donald Trump increased pressure on local governor Brian Kemp.

US media unanimously reported that Trump called his party colleagues on Saturday to convene a special session of parliament and to convince MPs to tilt the election results in his favor. President-elect Joe Biden won by a narrow margin in Georgia.

Trump, who has not yet admitted his defeat, wanted to campaign for the re-election of two Republican senators in the second election in January at a rally in Georgia on Saturday. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kemp had no intention of coming to Trump.

Trump wrote on Twitter that he would emerge victorious in Georgia if Kemp and the secretary of state responsible for the election only allowed signatures to be checked. The background is allegations by Trump and his confidants that there were widespread irregularities in postal voting. The authorities see no evidence of this.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said he was recently asked by a Trump ally if he did not have the authority to discard postal ballots from districts where there was a particular deviation between the signatures on the envelope and the signatures deposited with the authorities. Ballot papers cannot be associated with the corresponding envelope afterwards to protect the voting secret.

Kemp said on Twitter that he told Trump on Saturday morning that he had already publicly requested a signature check. He did not respond to Trump’s further demands. Trump did not give up, demanding in another tweet that Kemp convene at least a special session of parliament.

The second election in Georgia will decide whether the Republicans or Democrats will control the powerful US Senate in the future. Trump never tires of portraying himself as a victim of systematic electoral fraud for which there is no evidence. Republicans are concerned that his allegations could deter voters and thus undermine efforts to maintain a majority in the Senate.


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