Fnac offers books on the beach (and yes they are free)


Fnac offers books on the beach (and yes they are free)

“The Thursday Crime Club”, “The Other Half”, “Before the Coffee Cools Down” and “Piranesi” are some of the works included.

It will happen for two days.

This Sunday and the next Monday, August 8th and 9th, it’s best to sunbathe and refresh yourself in Praia dos Salgados in the municipality of Albufeira in the Algarve. This is because Fnac will be offering books on the beach through Uber Eats.

“The dynamics of this action will be simple: Readers already registered with Uber Eats will have access to a password via the application itself and by email and only have to confirm it with the Expert Fnac / Uber, which is identified with the Fnac vest and the green backpack from Uber Eats that walks along the beach and distributes the books. In addition to their work, the award winners will also receive a flyer with a discount code that they can use in their application for future orders, ”explains the organization of the initiative.

Offers are limited to available inventory (and include markers as well). He receives books such as “The Thursday Crime Club” from Richard Osman; “The Other Half”, by Brit Bennett; “Before Coffee Cools Down” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi; “Piranesi”, by Susanna Clarke; or “Beartown”, among others by Fredrik Backman.