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Fnac is looking for new talent (and winners get €1500)

Fnac is looking for new talent (and winners get €1500)

The competition honors the fields of cinema, writing, music, illustration, video games and photography. Registration is now open.

Photography is one of the areas.

Do you make films in your free time? Or write books? Do you have a garage band and think you should be on big stages now? Are you the best illustrator in your neighborhood? Do you have a photo project? Do you love video games and have you even created one? Fnac is looking for new talent in these six areas.

Registration for the New Talents Fnac 2022 is open now and runs until April 4th. The idea is that unknown talents can assert themselves in their respective fields of work with the help of the brand. There are always three categories. Prizes vary by area, but the monetary value for first place is always €1500.

To apply in the Gaming category, a build of a playable game for PC or Mac, a game trailer and three minutes of gameplay video must be submitted. The three winners will integrate their projects into the Lisboa Games Week loading zone and conduct an interview under the same heading. The grand winner will also receive an HP OMEN X25 monitor, a one-year Unity (Lockwood) license and a digital PlayStation 5 edition.

If your category is Music, just submit an original theme. The three standout songs will integrate New Talents Fnac’s annual compilation and all writers will be able to play at the Fnac Live Festival.

In the Cinema category, you must submit a short film of no more than eight minutes. The three winning short films will be screened publicly and the big winner automatically assigns its author a film workshop at the Universidade Lusófona.

For photography, you must submit a portfolio of at least 12 images. The three award-winning photographers will exhibit at Fnac and the winner will receive a 1-year project accompaniment from the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF) alongside an HP U28 4K laptop. Fujifilm is also offering a €1,500 materials voucher – the other two winners will receive €500 vouchers and a €50 voucher to use in the IPF training offering.

In the Writing category, it is mandatory to present a short story not exceeding 12,000 characters (including spaces). The three best short stories will be published in the book Novos Talentos Fnac Escrita 2022 and will also have access to a workshop at the specialized writing school and a Kobo Sage eReader.

Finally, in the Illustration category, you must submit three original works. The illustrations of the three winners will not only be featured on the Fnac forums, but will also be printed on the brand’s bookmarks. In addition to the cash prize, the winner will also receive an HP U28 4K monitor.

For each category, a jury of recognized experts in the field will evaluate all the works submitted and award the three best (and among them the grand winner). Consult the full regulation and submit all work via the official platform.


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