Five pieces of evidence that Tortoise Géniale is the worst teacher in history


The training arcs are extremely present in the Shonen. But for that you need a student, but also a good teacher. Luffy to Rayleigh, Naruto to Jiraiya. In Dragon Ball, Tortoise Géniale is the master. Problem: It’s the worst of all. The proof in five points!

# 1 he smells like pedophiles

Tortue Géniale is indeed, and most importantly, an obsessed old pervert. It is also one of the main comic book sources in the Dragon Ball series. But where his counterpart Jiraya, Naruto Sensei, stays within the confines of the law, Master Roshi, he did not hesitate to sexually blackmail Bulma, who, as we recall, is 16 years old in the manga. In other words, if you’re a girl, you have every interest in choosing a different teacher than that old bumblebee!

# 2 He puts his lustful desires in front of his students

Tortue Géniale is not only an old obsessive, but also very selfish. We are very far from the image of the old master ready to do anything to save his apprentice since Jiraiya is in Naruto. No, Tortue Géniale first thinks of him and his lustful desires and then passes the training of his students. Tortue Géniale, for example, begins its training with looking for a young girl’s panties, or even has its students wear underwear to increase Lunch’s confidence!

# 3 His training is very tough

You will understand, Tortue Géniale is a cartoon, an extreme version of martial arts masters as featured in Asian films. Often times, teachers are tough on their students and don’t hesitate to let them go to hell during their training. A stereotype that is also used in Quentin Tarantino clothing in Kill Bill vol. 2! Tortue Géniale’s training is even more difficult: Carrying milk bricks over long distances, zigzagging, swimming with sharks, being chased by a T-Rex, plowing a field with your bare hands and tying your students to a honeycomb. The teacher is ready for anything and seems to enjoy torturing his students!

# 4 he’s malevolent

Tortue Géniale is not only perverted, but also utterly evil. Fearing for his image that his students will surpass him, he never hesitates to hide the truth from them. This is shown in this scene in Volume 3, in which Tortue Géniale Goku tells Goku to move a huge stone (which he could barely move a few inches himself): When he sees that the man gets there without difficulty, he seems to have been misunderstood and points to an even bigger rock that no one could move.

# 5 he’s ruining his students’ dreams

During the big tournament, Tortue Géniale did not hesitate for a second to prevent Krillin from qualifying for the final. It even goes so far as to prevent Goku from winning it. Granted, it’s a (slightly absurd) way to teach perseverance in your students, but honestly, I find it like removing a pacifier from a baby. It’s fun, but it’s not done.

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