Five ideas to bring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to Sony


While we are still waiting for the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony has not yet had the opportunity to turn Tom Holland into their own productions. Here are five ways to incorporate the MCU’s Spider-Man into Sony productions.

# 1 a solo film with no MCU reference

It sounds silly to think about it, but it would be a logical and normal approach. Since Peter Parker is a high school student, his solo adventures are small in scope and, along with his mentors like Dr. Strange or Iron Man little connection to the MCU. Until he shows up in another Avengers movie, there’s no reason his solo series can’t be torn from a block in the MCU to continue in the SPUMC.

# 2 As prey from Kraven the hunter

Sony recently announced that a solo Marvel film about the adventures of Kraven the Hunter is in production, even with a release date of January 13, 2023. It’s unclear what it will look like, but Kraven is Spider’s archenemy One is closest based on character. He thinks the Spider-Man is the ultimate prey and sets out to hunt and kill them. It could be a great way to bring Tom Holland a worthy death and get him out of the MCU on a high note.

# 3 use the multiverse to bring it back

The most plausible clue is currently that of a connection between the MCU and the SPUMC. The upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home film and the character’s former cast are known to be merged. In fact, this whole Multiverse story can only be an excuse for the two companies to justify the character swap and rental. There are many theories about the film, including one claiming that Spidey was thrown from his home universe to be taken to another. Maybe he’ll fight the Sinisters-Six there, maybe he’ll meet Venom instead and ally with him. Either way, it will be interesting to see and we can only advise you to keep this possibility in mind as it makes sense given the intradiegetic efforts of Marvel and Sony.

# 4 in the animated version of Spider-Verse

The meteoric success of Into the Spider-Verse did not fall on deaf ears. As a reminder, we already find Miles Morales and many other iterations of Spider-Man. So it wouldn’t be surprising to find Tom Holland’s Peter Parker here, even if it’s in the form of a cartoon. As explained below, he’s used to it. Let’s wait and see and see Spider-Man 2099.

# 5 in cameos

Morbius is slated to hit theaters in 2022, a film starring Jared Leto as the vampiric super villain Morbius. Tyrese Gibson had said the film was part of the MCU, which Sony denied. However, it is known that Michael Keaton will play the Vulture of Homecoming there and the Daily Bugle will appear in the same form as the ending of Far From Home. So it’s very likely that Tom Holland could have an appearance there. Just like he would appear in various other films, namely as a mentor of Miles Morales, since he already lends his voice to Spider-Man in the PS4 video game.