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Shia Hezbollah controls entire districts of Beirut and other key areas of Lebanon. At least five people have now been killed in clashes with Sunni residents.

Beirut (AP) – In Lebanon, Sunni residents clashed with supporters of the Shia Hezbollah, including three militia supporters.

Fighting broke out south of Beirut during the mourning march for Ali Shibli, who belonged to a group close to Hezbollah, according to security circles. He was shot and killed by a Sunni tribe at a wedding on Saturday. The gunman, in turn, was the brother of a boy who is believed to have killed Schibli a year ago.

In the fighting in the coastal town of Chalda, the gunmen used machine guns and bazookas, the state news agency NNA reports. As a result, panic broke out among residents and pedestrians. Several people were injured. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers attacked the funeral march as it passed a residential area of ​​Sunni tribes. Army soldiers then threatened to open fire on the gunmen.

The powerful Hezbollah, led by Hassan Nasrallah, has a wide network of supporters in Lebanon. With its own militia, it controls entire districts of Beirut and other key parts of the country, especially in the south.

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