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five cinematics that killed their franchise

Continuing can be bad for many different reasons. Often for artistic decisions by producers or sponsors or simply because the continuation does not like the license’s original director. A great movie can also be a bad sequel! Like failed Frankensteins, let’s delve into the story of five cinematic sequences, each of which failed in its own way, either because of writer decisions or production abuse.

# 1 Indiana Jones and the crystal skull

We had to start with this one. The Indiana Jones saga was a perfect trilogy until 2008. Not to mention the plot and the aliens. The reason for the power of this movie in this article is the presence of Shia Labeouf as Indy’s son. Though his acting and reputation have improved since (until the recent revelations, but that’s not the point) in 2008, he’s been pale and empty. The end of the saga’s fourth opus made us imagine that Shia Labeouf had to take the title role from Spielberg’s license and that no one would accept her. A fifth installment is slated for 2022 with Harrison Ford in the title role.

# 2 Men in Black International

As with Indiana Jones, separating a film or license from a group of cult actors is difficult. Having followed our childhood or memories, it seems impossible for us to see someone take their place. This is the case with Men in Black International, but we could have quoted the GhostBusters remake as both films suffer from the same problem. Still, this isn’t so much about the actors (Thor: Ragnarok’s Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson), but what the studio made of them. The story is tasteless and the action soft. Men in Black International was supposed to be the license’s restart, the first in a major series. Instead, we just wanted J and K to get out of retirement.

# 3 Terminator Genisys

And when we talk about leaving the old folks in the closet, here’s a great example that is sometimes best to avoid. Terminator Genisys, like Men In Black International, was set to be the catalyst for a new series of films that reworked their entire mythology. The film should contain a new timeline that fans should accept as canon in the future. In the face of that failure, Hollywood tried to forget it by proposing Terminator: Dark Fate in 2019, which would be the direct sequel to Terminator 2, and (again) sweeping what had happened between the two films. It wasn’t a success either, because the fans were annoyed that their memories were so violently trampled.

# 4 Rob Zombie Halloween

Sometimes it’s because of the director’s ideas that it doesn’t seem to work. Rob Zombie had the daunting task of creating a two-film remake of the cult Halloween license. When Rob Zombie was released (on a small budget of 15 million), he made the “mistake” of humanizing Myers by trying to explain his murders. Critics were not convinced by the remake and said it was “a disappointing film in a sold-out franchise”. A choice that didn’t meet the tastes of John Carpenter, who will regain the rights to offer Halloween 2018, a direct sequel to the 1978 Carpenter classic. Bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Laurie Strode.

# 5 Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra Mission

It was necessary to speak of a French film on this list and it is Mission Cléopâtre who will pay for it. “But this movie is excellent! It didn’t ruin anything!” you will tell me I assure you, everyone agrees that Mission Cleopatra is an excellent film. Without a doubt one of the most successful comedies of the last twenty years. Except that it is not at all in the continuity of the other Asterix films! Albert Uderzo, co-writer of the comic, hated this film and what Alain Chabat made of it. So he vetoed any proposal to adapt a Mission Cleopatra-inspired film.

Because of this, you’ve never seen Asterix and Obelix in Hispania by Gérard Jugnot, who was replaced by Asterix at the Olympics. It must be said that Alain Chabat’s film was a great success in France, but less abroad, where Claude Zidi’s first film was more than fair, but a great success abroad. We can only hope that the next film, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, directed by Guillaume Canet, does a little better. Plus, the cast was revealed and there are lots of great minds!


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