First phone call with Europeans: Biden talks to Johnson | Free press


When the new US president takes office, he will face a long list of tasks, including the revival of a number of international relations. As the first European head of government, Joe Biden called his British counterpart Boris Johnson.

London / Washington (dpa) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the first European head of government to call new US President Joe Biden. “Great to speak to President Joe Biden,” Johnson tweeted Saturday night.

“I look forward to deepening the long-term alliance between our two countries as we strive for an environmentally friendly and sustainable recovery of Covid-19.” A UK government spokesman said Johnson welcomed Biden’s decision to re-join the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The politicians also discussed the role of NATO and the possibility of a bilateral trade agreement. “The prime minister has reiterated his intention to resolve existing trade problems as soon as possible,” the spokesman said.

The White House later confirmed the talk, saying Biden had reaffirmed his will to further strengthen the special relationship with Britain and give new impetus to transatlantic ties. In addition, Biden has emphasized the importance of NATO as a defense alliance, he said. Biden, who has been president since Wednesday, had previously only spoken with his counterparts in neighboring Canada and Mexico.

The “ special relationship ” that the US and Britain have always emphasized could be put to the test with the Biden / Johnson duo, according to political scientists. The Briton had always emphasized his close association with Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, but criticized him after the unrest surrounding the Capitol in Washington in early January. Biden, in turn, had often criticized the Brexit that Johnson promoted during the election campaign.

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