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First part: A fan makes a great discovery, Alexandre Astier congratulates him

The film Kaamelott: Premier Volet was originally scheduled to release on November 25, but has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting lockdown. Despite this shift, a fan of the series just made a great discovery in the soundtrack’s booklet.

A collector’s discovery

2020 will be difficult for Kaamelott fans. In January last year, when the trailer came out, Alexandre Astier announced that Kaamelott: Premier Volet would be released for a few months in July. Before it was postponed to November 25th and postponed again to a date currently unknown. A real emotional boost. But hey, after ten long years of waiting, we can say that Kaamelott fans are rather patient … As if we wanted to reward ourselves for this long wait, Alexandre Astier decided to keep the soundtrack’s release date. of the film, which was released as scheduled on Friday, November 27th, 2020.

A soundtrack buyer was surprised to leaf through an unpublished poem about music in the record book, written by Alexandre Astier. This discovery made his CD an ultra-collector’s copy. Very happy with his discovery, he shared his discovery on Twitter.

O music!
Rest assured, Mr. @AAstierOff, it fell on someone who is aware it is being farted on purpose !!
The 500th, the lazy poem about music, ultra-collector !!
So much fun !!
Thank you very much ! @Kaamelott_tweet # kv1 pic.twitter.com/hYDJydotNT

November 29, 2020

Like Willy Wonka and his famous Ticket d’Or, Alexandre Astier warmly congratulated the internet user on his discovery.

We’ll find you!

Congratulations! You are now bombarded with the exclusive steward of a high profile literary play. # Mallarmé # avecteslèvressansledire https://t.co/d6b9OQoZN4

November 29, 2020

For those who are having trouble reading the poem, we have copied it for you:

O music! They have multiple notes, including bass.

In minor or major, sometimes happy, sometimes less happy, please us.

What a rhythm! They come into the dance in more than one way and on several occasions.

Do, sol or even fa, there are many options!

Rest. At four times.

AA, 10/16/20

A poem that seems to be written by Yvon, the Knight of the Lion, rather than Mallarmé, but it is without a doubt a collector’s poem. Congratulations to the lucky winner! We remember that Alexandre Astier recently provided new information about the film in Historia magazine.


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