Finn’s fate had to be completely different, according to John Boyega

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released in December 2019 and brought a conclusion to the postlogy. An ending that was heavily criticized by many viewers, but also by John Boyega, Finn’s interpreter, who recently spoke about what the film should have been before it was adopted by JJ Abrams.

A completely different fate

Actor John Boyega, who played the penitent stormtrooper Finn, certainly has a lot to criticize. After harshly criticizing the underlying racism that would have caused the writers to deprive his character of an interesting development, the actor recently opened himself to the root of his disappointment and disillusionment.

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In an interview with Yahoo, the British actor confided that Finn’s fate changed radically when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was taken over by JJ Abrams and its screenwriter Chris Terrio. According to Boyega, Finn and Rose would go to Coruscant in the version originally planned by Colin Trevorrow, who would direct the film and write the first draft of the script. They would have won the stormtroopers for their cause and initiated a gigantic revolution.

Colin Trevorrow would tell that story. This picture of Finn with the blue flag and the AT-ATs with tribal markings and the stormtroopers taking off their helmets. It would have been crazy! That would have been great, man, no doubt.

The actor, who is heavily involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, reiterated, tempered and praised LucasFilm’s work on The Mandalorian:

I found it important for me to speak about a truth that is embarrassing to speak about. We all know what makes roles so lucrative is the moments you give them. If we don’t give Captain America scenes to portray him well and make him look funny, we are not going to find him cool. Why wouldn’t black characters and black actors fight for the same kind of representation too? But I think it’s a cleared case. I’m a fan of The Mandalorian so LucasFilm is very good at handling TV shows. An animation series, that would be the bomb! We could do it at home.

Are we going to see John Boyega in a Star Wars? Too early to tell. We can imagine Disney announcing the development of a TV series that will focus on the character of Finn, to show that they have taken the actor’s allegations into account …

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