Find these legendary Pokémon easily thanks to their files

Over the generations, the number of legendary Pokémon continues to grow. With the sword and shield versions of Pokémon, that number is quickly approaching a hundred. Extremely rare Pokémon that are generally available in a single copy in the versions they appear in, which raises the question of how to use the famous Master Ball.

Find 15 legendary Pokémon thanks to their files

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Iconic, legendary Pokémon can also be found on the big screen, as they are present in every Pokémon movie. Every generation is there to keep players from getting lost while Sacha and his current band face an unusual event. But let’s go, legendary Pokémon are rare and mysterious. And we’ll put you to the test again in our quiz of the day. You will have to find 15 legendary Pokémon from different generations there, simply thanks to their map, which shows their description, height, weight, category and talent. A tedious quiz for experts.

And if you still have questions, let yourself be tempted by our Pokémon Quiz, where you’ll have to find these 1st generation Pokémon simply thanks to their cards.

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