Find the actors of Lord of the Rings with just one piece of Wikipedia file


Do you know the film careers of the Lord of the Rings actors? After proposing to you to find the actors of the MCU and the actors of the Harry Potter saga only by means of a Wikipedia file, today we offer you the same principle as the actors of the Peter Jackson trilogy.

15 Lord of the Rings actors can only be found with a Wikipedia file

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. For 20 years since this mythical saga hit the cinema, we still don’t get tired. These films were an opportunity for many actors to make themselves known, but also for others to reaffirm their status as great actors. How well do you know the actors on Lord of the Rings? We’ll find out quickly with our Quiz of the Day.

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We offer you various Wikipedia files and it is up to you to link them to the correct actor or actress. Date of birth, nationality, and notable movies are your only clues to help you locate the Lord of the Rings actors. Will you get a 15/15 rating and be named an Acting Expert in the Peter Jackson Trilogy? It’s time to find out.

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