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There was only one season left, Season 5. The season shows that Teresa has built up her business in New York City. She then moves to Europe with the goal of becoming so successful that she wouldn’t back down. This dream, this goal was tarnished by one of her old CIA foes. The CIA has had these plans for Mendoza for a long time.

The show also talks about her personal life. When she comes to this place, some of her extended family members die. I think it’s a good book for people who like crime and thrillers because Teresa finds love.

Teresa then says that she is not a pawn for the CIA. She plans to fake her own death, but she flees to a better life.

First, The Queen of the South season 1 aired on June 23, 2016. The last episode, season 5, aired on June 9, 2021. It had 62 episodes that were shown on The USA Network.

Queen of the South Season 6 Plot

Queen of the South was a huge hit with its fans. It’s one of the most popular shows, so it deserves a great comeback for all its fans. MA Fortin and Joshua Miller have made this popular show.

It shows Alice Braga in the role of Teresa Mandoza in the story. It shows how bad she was during her time. She talks about her connections with drug mafias and how she wants to be famous as a drug mafia, and she tells people about them.

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It always surprises the people who see it by coming up with new twists and turns. The show is about a Mexican woman. It then shows how she makes money by setting up a huge drug empire.

Teresa Mendoza is a Mexican woman who lives in Sinaloa. She starts to fall in love with a member of a drug gang over time. It also shows her journey as she tries to rise above the poverty that she lives in.

The story changes when she learns that her boyfriend has been killed, and she is forced to flee. She gets over the border and goes to the United States, where she lives now. A long-time friend of hers lives here.

Her real mission starts right now. In order to fight the drug dealer who is behind her, she teams up with other people. She also gets a bonus because she becomes rich while she’s waiting. There are also more problems in her life because of this.

Teresa’s story about how she fights against people who don’t like her, her own preferences, and her stubbornness to make a drug country has kept the audience interested and entertained for four seasons now.

Many of the scenes and storylines have shown here show how much time was spent in the settings. After the fourth season, there are new twists and turns that don’t involve love. This keeps fans happy and excited.

“Telenovela” is based on a Spanish book with the same name. The story is based on that book.

When it comes to the plot of The Queen of the South Season 6, no one has talked about it yet.

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Queen of the South sixth cast

In the first few episodes of season 5, you could see a lot of actors and actresses do a great job on the screen.

The beautiful Alice Braga was chosen to play “Teresa Mendoza,” the main character in the movie. Peter Gadiot played James Valdez, while he was played by Peter Gadiot. She was thought of as Pote Galvez.

She played Kelly Awken. They played Boaz Jimenez and Marcel Dumas in the movie. JT Campos and Alimi Ballard played the parts.

The characters from Season 5 would be back in Season 6. If the story didn’t change much, many of them would be back again. As of now, nothing about the queen of the South Season 6 cast is known.

On what date will Season 6 come out?

The Queen of the South has been one of the best-known TV shows. Despite the fact that its ratings have gone down in the past few seasons. There were 1.12 million viewers in Season 3, and 0.92 million viewers in Season 4. This season, Season 5, was even less popular than the last one.

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Crime, thrillers, and action movies require a lot of money to make. Queen of the South, which is a crime thriller, also costs a lot to make. When a show is off the air, it makes sense for the producers to do that. The number of people who watched the show dropped, so the producers had to make a big decision.

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People like the show because they can watch it online, which is a good thing. There is a chance Netflix could take over the show’s production and distribution rights, as well. Our best is to hope for the best. In the future, Netflix could decide to make Queen of the South Season 6 happen. Otherwise, it’s kind of impossible.

When would the Trailer be out?

After so much, the answer could be a shock to everyone. It could change everything. In the last episode of Season 5, you saw Teresa Mendoza and other people for the last time. The sixth season of the show has been canceled, so there won’t be the sixth season.

It’s true. The news made me even sadder. Now, all we can do is wait for the best to happen, even though we know it’s very unlikely. The chances of the show coming up with a season 6 are less.

We’ll miss everything we did on set, our characters, and so much more. Officials say they’ll be sad when the show ends. The show’s directors talked about how important it is to end the show on a good note. So, that’s what they did so that everyone was happy.

When the fifth season was made, there were a lot of problems that had to be worked out. People were sick with a pandemic on March 14, 2020, so production was put on hold. This made us wait too long and also made the story more exciting. So, it’s not possible to expect a trailer for Queen of the South to come out soon.