Find out who the new (and famous) competitors to the new “Big Brother” are

Find out who the new (and famous) competitors of the new “Big Brother” are

Among the contenders are former Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho and footballer Mário Jardel.

From the presidency of Sporting to President of the House of Representatives

New year, “Big Brother” new. This time around, the celebrity version of the reality show’s edition appears, twenty years after the debut of this format, which brings together several celebrities in the house. It is the third edition of “BB Famosos” after those that went on air in 2002 and 2013.

As expected, the list of competitors contains some surprises, some unexpected, some less. At the helm is Bruno de Carvalho, the controversial ex-president of Sporting who arrives in the world of football accompanied by another name, Mário Jardel, former goalscorer of FC Porto and Sporting.

The prominent cast is completed by the entry of actor Nuo Homem de Sá and actresses Catarina Siqueira, Marta Gil and Laura Galvão. The group also includes several artists: Kasha dos DAMA, Jorge Guerreiro, Leandro, Jay Oliver and Liliana Andrade from the now-extinct girl band Nonstop.

The list of competitors ends with Jaciara, actress, businesswoman and ex-wife of footballer Deco) and public relations Hugo Tabac.

The reissue of the program, which went on air this Sunday January 2nd, marks the return to the presentation of Cristina Ferreira’s program, 18 years after her debut on the reality show. The entertainment director of “TVI” is replacing Cláudio Ramos and Manuel Luís Goucha, the duo that won the post in the edition of “Big Brother”, which ended last Friday, December 31st.

When Cristina Ferreira runs the weekly galas, the daily programs are delivered to Marta Cardoso, Alice Alves and Mafalda de Castro. You are responsible for the programs that are broadcast daily between 7pm and 8pm.

From January 10th, “Big Brother Última Hora” will also be broadcast between 6pm and 7pm. Later in the evening, between midnight and one o’clock in the morning, there is space for the “Big Brother Extra”, where the day’s events are discussed.

The reality show’s panel of commentators will also have some news, on a panel that will include Catarina Miranda, Inês Simões, Marisa Cruz, Toy and Zulmira Ferreira, Ana Garcia Martins, Cinha Jardim, Flávio Furtado, Susana Dias Ramos and Zé Lopes.

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