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File 81 Creator Says Big Questions Will Be Answered In Season 2

File 81 Creator Says Big Questions Will Be Answered In Season 2

The thriller series debuted on Netflix in the last few days and has already become one of the most-watched productions of the moment.

File 81 premiered on Netflix last Friday, January 14 and has quickly become one of the series of the moment on the streaming platform. Currently, the production occupies first place in the trends of the national catalog.

This is a supernatural thriller story told in eight episodes. It follows the narration of archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who takes a job restoring a damaged 1994 VCR collection. When Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) rediscovers the documentary filmmaker’s work, she becomes drawn into the investigation of a dangerous cult.

The plot is split between the 90’s and the present. Dan is slowly becoming more and more obsessed with what happened to Melody. As the two characters form a mysterious bond, Dan is convinced he can save her from the horrific fate that befell her 25 years ago.

The ending is described as shocking and of course the showrunner of the series has already confirmed that there will be a second season to continue the narrative. “It was always about moving on, we were always thinking about season two,” Rebecca Sonnenshine told Entertainment Weekly.

The showrunner also explained that parallel realities or worlds are not considered in this series. Dan is really stuck in the 90s.

“There is no such thing as a time machine, but there are two theories: the expansive universe and the block universe. I don’t want to rule out narrative possibilities, but we’re thinking of a block universe,” he added.

One of the show’s mysteries has to do with the fire that killed Dan’s family — and his father’s relationship with Melody. Towards the end, Virgil reveals that there are two sides: one that would do anything to free Kaelego (like the cult); and others who would do anything to prevent that (like witches). He explains that Dan’s family was involved in the fire, but doesn’t reveal who was responsible. This will be revealed in the second season.

“We definitely know who did it, and this is season two. There are a lot of little Easter eggs that, if you ask, “Is that something that’s part of mythology that’s going to be explored more?”, yes. Some things just didn’t fit the season. It was a part we saved for the second.”

Regarding Virgil, he says he wants to find out what really happened to Samuel, which is why Dan was recruited to fix the tapes. But when he finds out, he doesn’t seem to care that much.

“We reveal that they are brothers and that they are more or less trying to do the same. But while Samuel was a person who believed in possibilities and had great faith in what he was doing, Virgil is a scientist, a businessman. We will address that. It’s on our priority list for season two. But what I can say is that every character in this series does what they think is right. There’s a deep reason he does what he does. But we won’t find out until season two,” added Rebecca Sonnenshine.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the existence of Season 2 yet, but everything seems to be going in that direction.

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