FICA has reopened in Arroios with further workshops on ceramics, woodworking and screen printing


FICA has reopened in Arroios with further workshops on ceramics, woodworking and screen printing

It was open at the LX Factory for five years. On July 10th, it arrived in a new location, three times bigger and with more news.

The FICA intends not to let the related crafts disappear.

Gate 154B on Rua de Arroios is currently the entrance to the FICA Oficina Criativa. After more than five years in Alcântara, in the LX Factory, the company was invited to leave the room and is now getting its hands dirty in Arroios, in a three times larger workshop, where the most important thing, the in-house craft, is. This concept was created in November 2016 by the hand of Rita Daniel, an entrepreneur who wanted to create a place where the handicrafts related to the craft are not lost in the urban fabric of Lisbon.

“The name FICA made sense because we want all of the crafts we promote, from bookbinding, basketry, tapestry, pottery, carpentry, to stay here and stay something that people keep doing. Basically it is this idea of ​​what is old, valuable, traditional and handmade in order to be present in everyday life and in the city, ”explains NiT Rita Daniel, 35, the founder of FICA Oficina Criativa.

The space is innovative in itself, thanks to the promotion of these professions lost over time, but the difference isn’t just there. This workshop has created areas dedicated to workshops and exhibitions where people can learn about the various arts.

The training courses, which guarantee knowledge of various artistic techniques, take place regularly and are available in a monthly calendar on the company’s official website. The various crafts regularly include ceramics, carpentry, and screen printing, and may also include other techniques such as risography, binding, linocut, woodcut, tapestry, weaving, basket weaving, dyeing, marbling, jewelry, etc.

However, the concept of the FICA Oficina Criativa does not end on this almost academic side. The space can also be used to develop individual projects or simply to order the services of the company, which so far – and finally – has a crafts store.

“On our website we already offer a number of options where not only consumables and specific and specialty materials can be purchased for each of these workshops, from paste for ceramics to inks for screen printing. However, we also make some products here, namely kits and everything else. That is why this Crafts Shop at the very bottom will not only serve the need for specialized technical consumables in these areas, but also for the sale of products that are entirely made here in the workshop, either by us or by the residents we normally have here . “, explains the person in charge of FICA Creative Workshop.

On weekdays when no workshops and training courses are planned, the room is “open to everyone who comes and not only wants to continue, but also has a very specific project of things that can be more professional or more hobbies” . “.

Hourly and monthly rental plans (3 to 6 hours per week) are available online for this purpose, which allow the workshop to work as a kind of cowork, but instead of tables, it provides its own tools and machines for each of the trades. . “We call it Ginásio de Ofícios in this sense: People can continue to train and learn and carry out their own projects and have all the tools at their disposal,” Rita Daniel also explained in statements to NiT.

At this new address, after the FICA Oficina Criativa was cleared from the LX factory, the trainings resumed on Saturday, July 10th, and for this month there are already many more workshops in screen printing, ceramics, carpentry, bookbinding, but also in dyeing, linocut and potter’s wheel.

You can find out more about the new space on the workshop’s Instagram page and learn more about the concept on the official FICA creative workshop website.