The incidence is slowly increasing and the general election at the end of September is approaching. The election team has developed a concept and is prepared for corona-related failures, the election official says.

Berlin (dpa) – According to Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel, federal elections on September 26 have also been secured in the event of a violent fourth wave of corona.

They are prepared for that, “that was also a scenario”, Thiel told the “Rheinische Post”. “We have occupied all key positions three times and will ensure that these three people are no longer in the same room from the beginning of September. This means we have two replacements if one person is absent,” explains Thiel.

The federal return officer continued to say state and district return officials are well prepared for the corona-related increasing share of voters by mail. The voting notifications have QR codes to simplify and speed up the request for voting documents by post. The staff for processing these applications has also been considerably expanded. In many places there will be fewer polling workers in the polling stations and more in the postal districts. And if possible, larger polling stations should be set up in order to be able to keep the distances better.

The bottom line is that more election workers will be needed, Thiel said. He appealed to the people to make themselves available for this. Until now, the municipalities have always managed to mobilize sufficient helpers. “If there is no other option, civil servants can also be obliged to help with voting,” emphasizes Thiel.

Thiel refuted warnings that voting by mail was unsafe. “There is no evidence of an insecure vote by letter. These ballots are counted as publicly as any other,” the Federal Returning Officer said. The doubling of the percentage of voters by mail in the previous state elections shows the confidence of citizens that ‘voting by mail is safe’.