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For ten years, they argued for the unexpected breakthrough: the federal government and the energy companies agree a fee for the premature phasing out of nuclear energy.

Berlin (dpa) – After years of legal dispute with the energy companies, the federal government has reached an agreement on compensation for the accelerated phasing out of nuclear energy.

As revealed in a joint statement by the Ministry of Environment, Finance and Economy on Friday, the RWE, Vattenfall, Eon / PreussenElektra and Enbw groups will receive a total of 2.43 billion euros in compensation for lost profits and investments made in vain. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung had already reported on the agreement on Thursday evening, but it was not officially confirmed at first.

According to the now officially released figures, Vattenfall will receive the majority of the compensation with 1.425 billion euros. EUR 880 million is earmarked for RWE, EUR 80 million for EnBW and EUR 42.5 million will go to Eon / PreussenElektra.

According to the information, all existing legal disputes with the agreement would be resolved – including Vattenfall’s lawsuit in the International Court of Arbitration of the World Bank (ICSID), with which the group was originally seeking six billion euros in damages.

With the agreement now reached, a ten-year legal dispute has come to an end. The companies’ claim for compensation stemmed from Germany’s surprising withdrawal from nuclear power in 2011. With the U-turn following the Fukushima reactor accident, which will mark the 10th anniversary of March 11, the federal government at the time withdrew the extension of the period that had been decided only a few months earlier and set fixed shutdown dates for the nuclear reactor. As a result, the operators have suffered damages for which compensation must be paid, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in 2016. Only last year, after a lawsuit from Vattenfall, the judges in Karlsruhe decided that the federal government should completely re-regulate the basis for compensation payments – that was unreasonable.

The legal entities have yet to approve the current agreement. Subsequently, the most important points must be anchored in a contract and passed on to the Bundestag. The definitive arrangement should then enter into force with a new law.

As reported by the ministries, the payments serve on the one hand to compensate for residual quantities of electricity that companies can no longer generate due to an earlier shutdown of their systems. This applies to RWE and Vattenfall. On the other hand, it is a matter of compensation for unsuccessful investments – which relate to EnBW, Eon / PreussenElektra and RWE.

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