Federal government concerned about rising corona figures | free press


For a long time, the number of infections decreased continuously. But now they have been rising again for a few days. This development worries the federal government.

Berlin (dpa) – Rising numbers of corona infections in Germany and a sharp rise in corona outbreaks in neighboring countries are causing increasing concern for the federal government.

“We now had a number of days where the number of infections was 50.55 percent higher than in the previous week – this is of course a development that we cannot look at indifferently,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert in Berlin. “A look at the neighboring countries, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain, shows us how quickly a situation can deteriorate again.”

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health declined to comment on the Utrecht case, which is located about 70 kilometers from the German border. At least 1,000 visitors to a music festival with 20,000 people were infected there. Festival visitors had to prove negative tests or vaccinations, according to the organizers there were strict controls.

The Netherlands had lifted almost all corona measures and withdrew some relaxation after an explosive increase in numbers. The seven-day incidence is more than 300 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Previously, for example, the full stadiums at the European Football Championship in England caused misunderstanding in German politics.

The spokesman for the health department said that if major events in Germany were allowed again, it would have to happen “depending on the situation” – “with appropriate hygiene concepts and not like we saw at the European Championships”. The Senate heads of state and chanceries decided in principle on July 6 that major events with up to 25,000 people should be allowed again in Germany, with proof of negative testing, vaccination or recovery.

Vaccination is “the safest option,” the ministry spokesman said. It is true that even people who are fully vaccinated can become infected. “But the vaccination protects more than 90 percent against serious disease.”