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February’s free games have been revealed and there’s something for everyone

Every month, Sony offers its PS Plus subscribers the opportunity to download several games from its PS4 and PS5 catalog for free. Last January, therefore, three new titles were offered to the owners of this subscription: Persona 5 Strikers, DIRT 5 and Deep Rock Galactic. Nénamois, there was a catch, as we remind you here.

For all tastes

So what about this vintage of the month of February? Sony seems to continue on the map of homogeneity with the arrival of the EA Sports UFC 4 sports game, the simulation game Planet Coaster: Console Edition (PS5) as well as the action-adventure game Tiny Tina and the Fortress of Dragon: A Wonderful Adventure.

Here are your next PS Plus games, available February 1st:
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January 26, 2022

EA Sports UFC 4

EA Sports UFC 4 is an MMA Fighting game developed by Electronic Arts. Putting the player and the fighter they create at the heart of the action, the game includes a new unified progression system, a redesign of takedowns and ground moves, and more fluidity in grapple and punch combinations.

EA Sports UFC 4 manages to hit the mark thanks to more dynamic fights, especially thanks to a wider range of moves, and a more enjoyable gameplay. A good game for fans of the genre, with more than 200 playable athletes or an interesting career mode.

Planet Coasters

Planet Coaster is a theme park management simulation video game. Similar to its spiritual predecessor, the game allows players to build roller coasters and various attractions, set up landscape elements and manage their own amusement park.

Celebrated upon release on PC, Planet Coaster was then ported to console. This PS5 edition hardly has to be ashamed of its oldest. If the game suffers from some slowdowns and the adjustment to the controls can take a short time, this next-gen version aims to be a sequel to the one released in 2016: the creation engine is powerful and affordable, and the management system is well thought out for a simulation game that promises long hours of play.

Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress: A Wonderful Adventure

Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress is the 4th DLC of Borderlands 2nd Epic FPS as insane.

Considered one of the best DLCs for Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress promises an original and intense adventure that will appeal to newcomers and fans of the genre alike. Its heroic fantasy atmosphere with cartoonish accents represents an important highlight, as well as its references and its interesting narrative. Finally, the lifespan of 10-15 hours of gameplay is considerable for a DLC of this nature.

like that ? What do you think of these 3 free games PS Plus allows in the month of February?


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