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If the FDP gets its way, the public broadcaster must be limited to the core of the information presented. They also want a lower license fee. There is an immediate objection.

Berlin (dpa) – With the demand for a curtailment of the public broadcaster and a reduction in the broadcasting fee, the FDP has been criticized.

“The public broadcaster needs order and structural reform,” said an election schedule change that the FDP party congress accepted with a narrow majority on Saturday night. “We free democrats want a more modern and leaner public broadcaster (ÖRR), which should focus primarily on news, culture, political education and documentaries. With this we want to reduce the license fee. “

In vain, FDP Secretary General Volker Wissing appealed to delegates to reject the application. It was passed by 185 votes in favor and 179 against. It goes on to say: “The number of television and radio channels managed by the broadcasters must be reduced. Parallel offers that are not required should be avoided. “

The German Journalists’ Association described the decision as a “populist contribution to an emotionally heated debate”. “A reduction of public service broadcasting to a niche offering is unconstitutional,” said DJV Federal Chairman Frank Überall. With this decision, the FDP sat on the bench of the radio opponents of the AfD and parts of the Union. In addition, the broadcasting policy is based on the federal states. “The Bundestag is not responsible. So what, dear FDP, should the decision be in the Bundestag election manifesto? ‘

The FDP election program now also states that public broadcasting on the Internet must be limited to areas that are comparable to or directly related to traditional broadcasting. A functioning dual media system needs balance. The proportionality between broadcast compensation and competition must be maintained. “Competition with any internet offer from private press and media houses is not the job of the ÖRR. We want to strengthen the diversity of the media and opinion. “

FDP domestic politician Stephan Thomae criticized that the decision was “not such a good signal” in times of disinformation campaigns. In this situation it is better to strengthen the public broadcaster.

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