FDP: rejection of tax increases and debt | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – The FDP is keeping options open for possible government participation ahead of federal elections. FDP general secretary Volker Wissing, who was confirmed in office, has already set up crash barriers for political cooperation.

In addition to tax increases, he also turned down further debts to cushion the consequences of the corona pandemic. In addition to state investment, Germany also needs private investment, for example in research and development or in digitization and artificial intelligence, Wissing said in his speech at the federal party conference of the FDP. “Anyone who wants to tax our economy with higher taxes in this situation must answer the question of how private investment should be financed.”

With Wissing’s speech at the digital federal party congress, deliberations on the election platform for the federal election began on September 26. There were 540 amendments to the draft. There was debate for hours.

Higher taxes have always meant restrictions on workers’ freedom, Wissing said. “Performance should not be taxed, especially in difficult times, because it is the achievements of people that support our state and on which we depend if we are to meet the great challenges of our time.”

The FDP is not overlooking the state’s financial needs, said the Liberals’ Secretary General, confirmed with 86 percent in office the day before. However, solid finances are necessary. Wissing stressed that this question was “non-negotiable” for the Free Democrats. “Because we want a state that can also act in the future, we reject a relaxation of the debt brake.”

Wissing emphasized that climate protection is important to his party as the perception of responsibility for future generations. “And we are particularly ambitious about this, because we want to lay down the maximum permitted amount of CO2 emissions by law. This is the only way to guarantee the climate protection goals and not just to meet them, ”he said. “Why the Greens, of all people, are lagging behind these ambitions remains their secret.” The FDP relies on technical solutions. He cited combustion engines as an example, the ban of which makes no sense if they can be operated climate-neutral with synthetic fuels.

Wissing called for a strong team of different men and women with Christian Lindner at the head of the Bundestag election campaign. “We don’t run to help others in the Federal Chancellery, we want to make sure our country doesn’t drift into the blind faith in the state that actually paralyzes a society instead of strengthening it,” he said. Citizens are not subjects to whom governments can grant rights as privileges. Wissing: “And we don’t want people to be forced to do without, because pessimistic politics denies them the opportunity to combine climate protection goals and freedom in the competition of ideas.”