Fatboy Slim works as a waiter in a café because of Covid-19

Fatboy Slim works as a waiter in a café because of Covid-19

The DJ switched mixing tables for the tables in a room where he served coffee and ice cream.

The economic impact of the pandemic is particularly dire for those who have come into contact with other people. All over the world – and also in Portugal – there are messages from musicians who are in need or have had to turn to other activities in order to survive during this time. And that’s exactly what British DJ Fatboy Slim did.

The writer of hits like “Right Here, Right Now” and “Praise You” has now switched from being a musician and producer to a waiter in a cafe in Brighton, UK. “According to the newspaper, the 57-year-old DJ owns the little cafe for 7 years but the pandemic caused him to work in the room full time now.

In the café it’s just Norman.

The newspaper also says that for customers, Fatboy Slim is just Norman for the most part (the artist’s name is Norman Cook) as most people don’t recognize him, especially when he’s wearing a mask. As the doors are closed due to incarceration in the UK, the DJ serves coffee and ice cream over a wicket and it doesn’t even go wrong as the cafe often has queues.

For the newspaper, the musician is not interested in this career change: “Apparently I’m even a good waiter. I’m here every day, at least between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. “

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