Fastest Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus farming route for Nahida’s ascension

Genshin Affect has launched the most recent patch 3.2 replace globally and new banners are lastly right here. Gamers have the chance to spend their resin to accumulate Nahida from her rate-up banner.

Those that are lucky to accumulate Nahida from her banners ought to begin farming her ascension supplies. Gamers ought to prioritize farming Kalpalata Lotus from the Sumeru rainforest space. Nahida will want 168 Kalpalata Lotus to ascend to stage 90.

Gamers can consult with interactive maps or video guides to comply with environment friendly farming routes to gather these native specialties. Given beneath is the quickest farming route for Kalpalata Lotus for Nahida’s ascension in Genshin Affect.

Genshin Affect 3.2: Quickest farming route for Kalpalata Lotus for Nahida

Kalpalata Lotus is likely one of the native specialties discovered all throughout Sumeru’s rainforest space in Genshin Affect. Because the title suggests, their look is fairly much like lotuses. These flowers could be harvested from vines rising on cliff sides. Other than Dori, Nahida is the latest addition that may want Kalpalata Lotus for her ascension.

Nahida lastly debuted within the Part I event-wish banners of the patch 3.2 replace. Gamers who handle to accumulate her might want to farm 168 Kalpalata Lotus for her ascension.

Gamers might want to climb to larger areas in Sumeru’s rainforest to acquire it. The tweet above reveals some environment friendly farming routes to comply with Kalpalata Lotus within the following areas:

  • Apam Woods
  • Deventaka Fields
  • Gandharva Village
  • Mawtiyama Forest
  • Vanarana
  • Vimara Village
  • Vissudha Fields
  • Yasna Monument
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The image information within the tweet above will make it simpler for gamers to find the flowers and harvest them.

Following these guides will assist gamers harvest round 62 Kalpalata Lotus, leaving just a few situated individually throughout Sumeru. Nonetheless, following these routes is the quickest solution to accumulate tons of native specialties for Nahida’s ascension. As soon as harvested, it is going to take the Kalpalata Lotus 48 hours to respawn.

Therefore, gamers should repeat the farming route till they’ve collected sufficient to max out Nahida’s ascension. One other various may very well be visiting your buddy’s world in a co-op session if gamers need to accumulate all of them in a single day.

The tweet above additionally shares the placement of an Aranara that sells Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Affect. Gamers should purchase 5 Kalpalata Lotus for 5000 Mora from the NPC Aranara.



Gamers can accumulate a complete of 84 Kalpalata Lotus in Genshin Affect. Just a few of the spawn areas of those lotus flowers are laborious to succeed in or fairly far-off and aren’t included in lots of guides. Those that need to get by the difficulty of amassing all 84 flowers can watch the YouTube video above by takagg, which reveals all of the spawn areas utilizing an environment friendly and quick farming route.


Genshin Affect gamers can consult with the interactive map above to farm the lotus flowers for Nahida, which marks all spawn areas of Kalpalata Lotus.

Though these native specialties take precedence for Nahida’s ascension, don’t forget to farm different supplies. Nahida’s rate-up banner might be obtainable on Genshin Affect 3.2 for the subsequent 16 days.

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