Fans shocked after La Casa de Papel broadcasts season five (33 tweets)


La Casa de Papel is a Spanish series produced by Netflix that was internationally successful when it was released in 2017. As the series comes to an end at the end of the year, fans are reacting to the first part of the fifth season, which has been broadcast on the streaming platform since September 3.

Warning! The following selection of tweets contains significant spoilers on the La Casa de Papel series. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

The first part of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel has been available on Netflix since September 3, and many fans have responded on Twitter after watching the first 5 episodes of last season.

The long-awaited series from Alex Pina very much shocked the fans, and they expressed their amazement and feelings after the final episode of the first part of last season. In fact, fans had to say goodbye to Tokyo, played by Úrsula Corberó, after the Nairobi defeat in Season 4. The latter’s character sacrificed itself by releasing a grenade, killing Grandia and her men in the process. Tokyo was one of the characters most valued by the fans, she was present from the start, she was also the one who narrated the series.

# 1

Elected to the largest FDP of the Casa de Papel

September 4, 2021

# 2

“Have you ever wished for something bad?” Me: #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 3

who didn’t cry at the end of episode 5 of the casa de papel? WHO ??

September 6, 2021

# 4

If you think about it, it’s because of her that Tokyo died. If she hadn’t taken the drug, she would have discovered the hiding place long ago. She got me drunk from #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 5

Am I crying in front of the Casa de Papel? Yes sir.

September 4, 2021

# 6

He killed the narrator of the series this fdp #CasaDePapel

September 5, 2021

# 7

the worst girl in the Casa de Papel

September 4, 2021

# 8th

Basically the Casa de Papel is a robbery, now it’s a must

September 5, 2021

# 9

Tokyo is the main character and she tells the story of the robberies so how can you explain her death to me #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 10

The cameraman when he shot the last episode of #CasaDePapel

September 5, 2021

# 11

I looked at the Casa de Papel in its original version and without subtitles

September 2, 2021

# 12

This video is for the authors of the Casa de Papel:

September 5, 2021

# 13

When Tokyo said to the teacher: “You were my guardian angel, let me be yours” #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 14

If you’ve waited a year and a half for a season that ends in less than 4 hours. #CasaDePapel

September 5, 2021

# fifteen

Stockholm she got me drunk she is a serious slut this girl #CasaDePapel

September 5, 2021

# 16

Me after the end of la casa de papel # LaCasaDePapael5 #Tokyo

September 5, 2021

# 17

How I feel after the 5 episodes of Casa de Papel #LCDP #LaCasaDePapel

September 3, 2021

# 18

The end credits of Casa de Papel are the only ones you can’t skip, it’s so difficult to phew

September 4, 2021

# 19

la casa de papel from the context #lcdp

September 3, 2021

# 20

When I saw the flashbacks of Tokyo with her dead ex, I knew it was lazy #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 21

The end of the Casa de Papel breaks my heart #CasaDePapel

September 5, 2021

# 22

The death of Tokyo touched me deeply than the death of my grandmother #CasaDePapel

September 4, 2021

# 23

Season 5 of the Casa de Papel, which appears at the beginning of the school year.

I only see one solution: Netflix is ​​trying to screw up your education.

September 5, 2021

# 24

They left us like this Netflix with the Casa de Papel ending

September 4, 2021

# 25

The ultimate proof that Tokyo is not dead. In the trailer for season 5 we see scenes from part 2 plus there is Marseille on the bench and he has never been to the bench and then there is Tokyo #CasaDePapel pic.twitter .com / gucvOnnFVA

September 4, 2021

# 26

My hatred of two big pigs hasn’t changed #CasaDePapel

September 3, 2021

# 27

# LaCasaDePapael5

The screenwriters of the Casa de Papel:
We will kill the most touching characters


September 4, 2021

# 28

The end of the Casa de Papel ??? I am completely destroyed

September 5, 2021

# 29

It will teach me to bond with a serial character .. # CasaDePapel

September 3, 2021

# 30

This guy that I see as coronavirus and its variants, you think it’s over, but you’ll see him again in Part 2 #CasaDePapel

September 6, 2021

# 31

I after seeing Casa de Papel season 5 #Tokyooo

September 4, 2021

# 32

Me before the end of episode 5 of La Casa de Papel #LaCasaDePapel #Netflix #

September 3, 2021

# 33

Ok, the last scene at the Casa de Papel just broke my heart

September 4, 2021

The second part of the series lands on December 3, 2021 on Netflix. Until you can see the finale of the series, you can always find out which character from La Casa de Papel you are with this personality test.