Fans explode their joy on Twitter with the new chapter (21 tweets)

Bleach is a cult manga. It appeared on the Shonen Jump pages (the manga reference for teenagers in Japan) on August 7, 2001, and is one of the most popular Shonen in the world, and rightly so, with more than 120 million volumes sold internationally. This year we’re celebrating 20 years of manga and as such, the mangaka Tite Kubo has decided to release a brand new 73-page chapter that is meant to delight fans.

Bleach: 20 years old and still in shape!

When Bleach started, there was still Naruto and One Piece, which shared the pages of Shonen Jump magazine. 20 years later, it’s still funny to think he’ll find his place next to Boruto and … One Piece that’s coming to an end. A large 73-page chapter (there was great uncertainty as to whether it was a real new bow or a one-shot) was specially written and drawn by Tite Tubo for the manga’s 20th anniversary. Two years ago, in 2018, he had already published a spin-off miniseries Burn the Witch. Between the two: nothing at all. Now we know that this is indeed a new arc, so many more chapters will follow.

Of course, we will not present the content of the anniversary chapter in these lines, we prefer that you discover it for yourself. This comeback was eagerly awaited by fans and their reactions on Twitter were instant. Between joy and tears, no one managed to contain her feelings. Many discovered the world of manga with Bleach and as such we can hardly blame them for exhausting this new chapter to the full. So here’s a top tweet with heartwarming Bleachs fan reactions.

# 1

I’m like a kid, it announces that the Heavy will bleach for the sequel, no new manga artist or new designer for the sequel, Kubo promises us an unforgettable arc
The bleach propaganda starts now

August 7, 2021

# 2

no but it’s not a prank we really have the right to the big comeback of bleach there is no fake ???????

August 7, 2021

# 3

Bleach Haters, don’t you feel sorry for yourself? After the ‘Bleach is dead’ ‘finito Bleach’ you should close it today. But no! They innovate ‘Bleach is back for a mediocre arch and it sucks Kubo’ mdrr the Kubo, it will still get the relationship with you, you’ll be ashamed

August 7, 2021

# 4

You can’t criticize the end of Bleach if Bleach isn’t done ud83d udc4d

August 7, 2021

# 5

Message of the day:

BLEACH IS BACK BITCHEEEEEEEEEEEEES ud83d ude0e ud83d ude0e ud83d ude0e

That’s it … that’s all for me ud83d ude01

August 7, 2021

# 6

Spoil Bleach chap 686.5 (move your ass if you still haven’t read it)
So yes, I had to do a colo ud83d ude46‍ u2640 ufe0f #BLEACH (rt estimated: D)

August 7, 2021

# 7

The world is not ready for what will come in 2022:

– Jujutsu Kaisen movie
– SNK end of season 4
– DBS movie
– Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2
– Return of Bleach Anime / Manga
– The chainsaw anime
– The Blue Lock anime
– Vinland Saga Season 2
– Onigashima’s crazy fights in the anime

August 7, 2021

# 8th

Damn it, but what a claaaaaaasse # BLEACH2021 # bleach

August 7, 2021

# 9


Hence the Ichigo expression we had in this chapter. He takes into account that the man he made better is in Hell. A man of incredible kindness who is said to be passing by.

That’s unfair.

August 7, 2021

# 10

Future Chiraku ??
I’m counting on you to do your theory, the brother @ yamiulqui @ Marodelaspada

August 7, 2021

# 11

Migraines from the hype, I had to take a Dolipran today.

Today I’ll see myself on Ichigo vs Aizen and reread the chapter on bleach. Then I’ll play a little pale brave souls.

August 7, 2021

# 12

the return of bleach is also to remember incredible characters

August 7, 2021

# 13

Always bleach in tt with 80,000 tweets for what to say …

August 7, 2021

# 14

I’ve just finished reading the new chapter on Bleach … I’m so happy, I want to cry for joy, it’s just unimaginable!
And one last thing, Bleach’s commune is immortal and will remain, even to hell. # BLEACH20thAnniversary

August 7, 2021

# fifteen

A chapter of Dantesque! Thanks Kubo !! And many thanks to the fans of Bleach who have always been present and so enthusiastic over the years !!! ud83d udd25

August 7, 2021

# 16


August 6, 2021

# 17

Ptn my sister but what a pleasure to see her again PTNNNNNNNN

August 6, 2021

# 18

you do not recognize the emotional state in which i am currently, like bleach it is my whole childhood, in 2016 i was at the last chaps and kubo is coming back with this master class in 2021 ??????

August 7, 2021

# 19

Bleach comes back, berserk goes on.

Since you are a fan of hxh how do you just take it mdrrr?

August 7, 2021

# 20

spoil new chap bleach
shame jlaime troop c good

August 7, 2021

# 21

Right now I’m thinking of all the idiots that came out that Bleach was dead, that it was going to come back on stage

Glory to Titus Kubo ud83d udd25
Glory to Bleach u2728 # BLEACH

August 7, 2021

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