Fans disappointed with Lola Bunny’s new appearance

In 1996, Space Jam, an American animated film directed by Joe Pytka and starring the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, was released. 25 years later, the film is finally entitled to a sequel – Space Jam: New Era – the first images of which were recently revealed. One of the most important changes to the film is the appearance of the character Lola Bunny, who has hit fans on Twitter over and over again. Indeed, Malcolm D. Lee – the director – was surprised at the “sexy” look of the bunny in the first work and wanted to make a small change.

Fans romp on Twitter

The director spoke to Media Entertainment Weekly about the rabbit’s new design. The latter wanted to emphasize his strength rather than his physical characteristics. According to him, the 1996 version of the film is “too sexualized”:

We are in 2021, it is important to convey the authenticity of strong female characters.

To say the least, a few fans didn’t like Lola Bunny’s design change at all. In fact, they expressed their dissatisfaction on the social network:

Wait what happened

March 4, 2021

Wait what happened


March 5, 2021

They made them ud83d udcab conservative ud83d udcab

March 4, 2021

They made her a curator

Damn it, what did they do to our angry goddess?

March 4, 2021

Damn it, what did you do to our goddess?

Such a downgrade

March 4, 2021

What a step back

However, it seems that they were inflamed for a little, as evidenced by these reactions:

The left side is fanart. The actual film used soft shadows, not hard ones. Didn’t have that big a bust either. That said, completely removing her figure is completely wrong. “How do we make a strong female figure? I know! Make her look more masculine!”

March 5, 2021

The version on the left is fanart. The film used light shadows, not hard ones. Her breasts weren’t that big either. However, removing his face is a huge mistake. “How do you make a female figure strong? Make her more masculine!”

The picture on the left is fanart, so it is not an absolutely accurate representation of Lola. Lola Bunny in the first Space Jam looked like this. She did not have a bust of a beetle. At least when it comes to the redesign, she looks like an athlete.

March 5, 2021

The photo on the left is fanart, not an exact representation of Lola. Lola Bunny looked like this in the first Space Jam. She didn’t have a big chest. At least in this version she looks like an athlete.

Fans offer their version of Lola Bunny

When some internet users just complained, others stepped in and offered their rabbit fanaticism. Here is a little anthology:

Fanart by @DeroCrossDX

Fanart by @PlusDespise

Fanart by @blakjakal

Fanart by @ NsfwNanza3

Fanart by @ Sheektor_06

Fanart by @Ayumi_Espinoza

Fanart by @McBittypaws

a missing character in the movie

Pépé le Putois, who is represented in the first work from 1996, will ultimately not be part of this suite. The deadline media revealed this. Indeed, a scene was supposed to take place between this character and actress Greice Santo, shot by the movie’s first director – Terence Nance – before Malcolm replaced him. D Lee, who just cut the scene.

The latter is described as follows:

Pépé was supposed to appear in a black and white scene in a sequence like Rick’s Café in Casablanca. Grandpa, who plays the bartender, falls in love with a woman at the bar who plays Santo. He starts kissing her arm, which she pulls back before laying it on a chair next to her. Then she pours her glass over Grandpa’s head and hits him, causing him to spin in his chair, which is then stopped by LeBron James’ hand. James and Bugs Bunny are looking for Lola and Grandpa knows where she is. Pepe then explains that Penelope Cat filed a deportation warrant against him. James has a line of dialogue where Grandpa is not allowed to touch any other melodies without his consent.

Pépé le Putois was recently the subject of an article in the New York Times that said his character “strengthens the culture of rape”. This information is currently unrelated to the deletion of this scene that has not been commented on. Space Jam: New Era is slated to hit theaters July 14 in France.

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