Fans already under the spell of Robert Pattinson after the first screening of the film


Little by little, the DCEU seems to be successful again. The superhero blockbusters follow each other on both Marvel and the competitor’s side. However, the two houses cannot boast of the same success. After several heavily criticized productions, such as Suicide Squad first of the Name or Justice League, DC Comics seems to want to correct the situation by offering us films of better quality.

First reactions to the movie The Batman

Where can we finally locate the next film, The Batman, between cardboard and commercial failure? Like many other current DCEU projects, production is part of a process of renewal for the company. For the first time we find the actor Robert Pattinson as Dark Knight in a film by Matt Reeves.

If we were able to predict particularly dark production based on the latest information, what is it in reality? Some fans may already answer this question. In fact, several privileged individuals had the honor of attending the test demonstration of The Batman, as is customary in Uncle Sam’s land.

This enabled us to get initial reactions to this film, which fans of superheroes and the Dark Knight are eagerly awaiting. Please note that it is important to note that a test screening is not intended to reveal a definitive version of a movie and, therefore, nothing is set in stone and many modifications will occur in that production. However, good feedback from these sessions often indicates the best direction the film crews are taking.

What to remember from that first demonstration

First of all, we can already tell you that the audience seems to be convinced of the projection. According to these first-time fans of The Batman, the test session would have lasted no less than 3 hours.

In terms of atmosphere, the film seems very similar to a horror film. Adjectives such as “graphic,” “dark,” and “scary” were specifically used to characterize it. Even average viewers who aren’t usually superhero fans say they were literally taken in by the production and their universe.

Particularly noteworthy are the actors Robert Pattinson, Zoƫ Kravitz and Paul Dano, who each play Batman, Catwoman and the Sphynx and who seem to have conquered their audiences through their acting and the incarnation of their characters.

That’s not all. Because in addition to all this information, the viewers of the film revealed a breathless scene for the grand finale. To avoid spoilers, we’ll avoid saying more about it, but it looks like this movie is meant to delight fans of the Batman universe. To see it with your own eyes, we invite you to go to your nearest cinema from March 2, 2022. So that you can wait until then, find out why Frank Miller (writer of some Batman comics) was professionally excluded from this agreement as racist.