Famous streamer takes over Loveanth’s hot tub stream and inconvenient content

Over the years, the content visible on Twitch has evolved a lot. Playing has gradually created space for more diverse content. Although the latter remains the most important of the platform, various streams have hatched. “Just chat”, cook or paint streams, the trends follow one another, but are not the same. Such is the case with Hot Tub Streams, this controversial content that was recently heavily criticized by Ludwig, the man with the most subscribers on Twitch.

when ludwig deals with suggestive content offered by amouranth

In mid-March, streamer Ludwig Ahgren took on a challenge: Go live and add another ten seconds to his stream for each new subscriber. Result: After 31 days of uninterrupted streaming, he has collected 282,000 subscriptions, a record. Ahgren gained popularity in the process, as his challenge had allowed many internet users to know him. But obviously the streamer doesn’t seem to have fallen in love with the platform’s latest trend: hot tub streams. The principle is simple: a streamer films himself in a bathing suit in an inflatable pool.

Content that has been controversial in the last few weeks since it was democratized on Twitch. His critics see it as suggestive content that is allegedly banned on Amazon’s streaming platform. According to Twitch, however, the content offered and advertised respect the terms of use. Otherwise, sanctions will be imposed. An answer that was not for everyone, many internet users criticized the platform’s lack of position in relation to this trend.

In a clip from an earlier stream, Ludwig Ahgren can see a replay of a stream by the famous Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. With around 23,000 subscribers, the streamer has seen her number of subscribers explode with hot tub streams. The clip shows Amouranth slowly erasing the names of her Pickle Rick buoy with a tissue. Usernames that have earned their place on the buoy after subscribing.

A clip in which Ludwig criticizes how Amouranth takes the time to delete the names of his subscribers. The latter is a visible viewer at this point and doesn’t hesitate to send a message to the streamer to share their dissatisfaction. Amouranth smiles at her message, leaves the field of the camera and comes back with a new clean buoy. Though surprised by the turn of events and the way Amouranth plays with its audience, the streamer can only salute its calamity.

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