Fall in love with the Lenovo Smart Clock 4 “Connected Alarm Clock with Smart Assistant

In the digital age in particular, sleep is often overlooked and is essential for a fulfilling life. The problem with standard alarm clocks is that they only wake you up or remind you of appointments and have to be set manually. The Lenovo Smart Clock goes much further. This smart alarm clock will help you organize your time better and ensure the quality of your sleep.

Lenovo Smart Clock: a versatile alarm clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a connected alarm clock with a voice assistant. It offers hundreds of tones and alarms to wake you up in the morning with a built-in speaker. You are spoiled for choice. To turn off the device, all you have to do is click on it. This lovely heather gray alarm clock is equipped with a 4-inch color touchscreen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can voice your connected objects through a single control panel. You can also find out about the weather, your schedule, and the news of the day, depending on your morning habit.

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It is made for the bedside table and has a modern design. You can also use it to play music, turn on the lamp or adjust its intensity, or even lock the door remotely. The USB port on the back allows you to charge your phone. The Lenovo Smart Clock has additional features that you are sure to fall for on the first try. With it you can control all connected objects, e.g. B. start the coffee machine after waking up and control the surveillance camera before going to bed.

If the Lenovo Smart Clock was $ 89.99, it is now worth $ 44.99. This will save you 50%. To make everything perfect, spend your evening with the Philips The One 4K HDR LED TV watching your favorite shows before bed (currently -400 euros!).

3 good reasons to buy the 4 “connected alarm clock?

Smart Assistant Modern Design Savings

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