Fadista Cristina Branco was injured in the same accident as Sara Carreira


Fadista Cristina Branco was injured in the same accident as Sara Carreira

The car that the singer followed with her daughter was one of four that was involved in an accident on the A1 near Santarém that Saturday.

Cristina Branco is not life threatening.

Fado singer Cristina Branco and her youngest daughter were injured in the accident in which Sara Carreira was killed on the A1 near Santarém this Saturday, December 5th at 7pm. Despite the four-car apparatus, Cristina and her daughter are not life-threatening as they have sustained bone injuries that have forced them to hospital.

The news was posted on social media by Tiago Salazar, the singer’s father and ex-husband.

“Tony Carreira’s daughter died yesterday. Without knowing him, I can only express my compassionate pain. My youngest daughter and her mother could have died. In fact, both were involved in the chain shock on the A1 in Santarém and luckily left only with broken bones from that accident that lamented the death of a girl and nothing else is important to point the finger. There is no fear that plagues me like losing a child or the one I love. However, one dies with the utmost ease. Hence, you can just say you love and say you love and love the most and best of all every moment of your life. Just knowing about the accident made me feel like someone was bumping into a wall, ”he wrote on his Facebook profile page.

Ivo Lucas – Sara Carreira’s friend and the driver of the vehicle – remains in the hospital in Santarém, where he will be operated on for the next few hours for injuries from the chain accident.