Facebook is now allowing users to send Silent Messages and GIFs,

Facebook Messenger has added a new set of features called “Shortcuts,” which work with commands on the messaging service. Users on iOS and Android phones can now use commands in the chat window to do different things, like tell everyone in a group or send a message without telling anyone else.

They can also send GIFs and ASCII emoticons on the Facebook Messenger app, and they can do this. The new features are a lot like the hidden “Easter Egg” commands from the now-defunct MSN Messenger. They’re meant to make certain tasks on Messenger easier by giving you one-word commands.

Meta, which owns the messaging service, said on Tuesday that it was adding Shortcuts for Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS, which will be available today. Users can now type @everyone to send a notification to everyone in the chat. Use the command to draw attention to a message by asking a question, or to remind people about a message that they’ve seen in the past.

Users can also use Shortcuts on Messenger to send a message to someone or a group of people without telling them, by using the /silent command. Messages sent with this command will not be shown to the person who sent them. This could be useful if you want to message friends in different time zones without bothering them. Also, the ability to send messages without bothering your recipient can be found on Telegram, which was added in 2019.

IMessenger has also announced that it will soon be able to send GIFs with a Shortcut, which will first be available on iOS.

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It’s important to note that some features that were announced for Facebook Messenger this year haven’t yet been made available to all users. In January, the company said that users in its Secret Conversations mode. It uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for chats, would get a better experience. These new features include screenshot alerts, emoji reactions, and Vanish mode, which was announced before the company planned to use E2EE for all chats on Messenger. They were made public before that date.

Facebook Messenger’s “Secret Conversations” now has screen capture alerts and more. Loredana Crisan, the head of Messenger, told that some of these features were being tested by the company to make sure they worked well before they were rolled out to all regions. This is why there was a delay.